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SMART CITY SERVICING FOR ROBOTS - Those looking for a future proofed infrastructure for renewably sourced energy for electric vehicles, may want to consider the new breed of self driving passenger cars, taxis, and commercial trucks that will benefit from automated recharging if they are to be fully autonomous in operation - most especially unmanned robotic taxis and freight vehicles.




Robocars hold the potential of making mobility available to those without driving licenses, and those who have surrendered their keys.


The majority of accidents are caused by human error. It stands to reason that taking people out of the equation could take out the majority of dings, but, the general public are not fully convinced of the safety credentials of driverless vehicles.


An area that curiosity is getting the better of us is the potential for everyone to have a private car that they do not need to drive themselves. Added to RoboCars, RoboTaxis in cities, Robovans for goods deliveries, and RoboTrucks for heavy haulage, it is possible that the face of transport is set to change considerably in the years ahead.


Many of these vehicles will need automated rapid battery recharging and hydrogen refuelling, where they do not have drivers. At the moment, the only system that would be capable of servicing such vehicles would be the proposed SmartNet dual fuel service stations, where such vehicles do not need human assistance to replenish their energy reserves.


Allied to this is PAYD (Pay As You Drive) billing, also seen as a necessary function for autonomous, unmanned, self-driving, robotic vehicles of the future.









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