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Smart networked electricity & hydrogen service stations



There is an abundance of clean wind and solar energy that can produce green hydrogen and electricity to charge vehicle batteries, and back-up against power cut blackouts. But there is no transport infrastructure or other energy storage system to cope with transition to net zero. The SmartNet system could be the solution, also providing load levelling for national grids having to cope with renewables.





Coal fired power stations may seem like a cheap solution to fueling rapid economic growth, witness the refusal of Australia, China, India, Japan and Russia to agree to phase out burning the black stuff during COP26 - for another 30 years. It's climate suicide.


All of these countries are intent on building more coal fired power stations - by way of a quick political fix. Making them either climate deniers, or just plain obtuse. Any way you look at it, they have been innovation sloths over the past thirty years and more. Putting their blind eye to the global warming telescope.


But was that wise?


How much is it going to cost to repair the flood damage and power cuts, caused by the extreme weather we are making worse.


The cost of quick fixes is a slow and painful recovery for your grandchildren.


We need to go cold-turkey to quit our addiction to harmful fuels like coal, gas and oil for power generation, and diesel and petroleum for transport. We need to stop the lung cancer air pollution is causing.


We cannot cease the use of fossil fuels overnight, that would be irresponsible, but we should not be building any more coal fired power stations. 


It is like when a theatre is on fire. We must proceed as quickly as possible to the exits, by reinvesting in new technology in a changing world.


Only a fool sits in a burning theatre, to die from heat and inhalation of toxic fumes. But that is what our policy makers are doing. Not making their way to the exits and safety.




Because they feel comfortable, with no visible signs of the harm they are causing be inaction.


Comfort is the enemy of progress, and nobody likes change.


Those theatre seats are just too comfortable at the moment.


That is what the Ancient Egyptians thought, as they burned the trees on the banks of the Nile to make plaster, destabilizing their farming based economy. Don't worry about the failing crops, just a few more trees will complete another pyramid.


Then, whoosh, they were gone, with no food supply to feed the slaves who toiled for their Pharaohs. The pyramids are a truly splendid reminder of human folly. The Myans suffered the same fate.


In a modern world, the voters represent the slaves, and the politicians the Pharaohs. The only difference is that in a democracy, the workers get a vote, to steer the policy makers.


Are we next?
















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