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Electricity grids are key to renewable energy distribution



SMARTER - There is an abundance of clean, renewable, wind and solar energy that can produce green hydrogen and electricity to charge vehicle batteries, but there is no transport infrastructure to support rapid energy exchanges, or smooth the supply of power for our grids, such as to free us from fossil fuels. The above picture is of a 1:20th scale model. Help us to make this concept a reality.





Electricity is one of the most convenient ways of transmitting clean, alternative energy, from the point of origin (conversion from natural harvesting) to the end user, your homes and factories. But we cannot store electricity.


Unfortunately, with the move to renewably generated electricity, we have to be able to capture the winds energy when it blows and the sun's energy when it is shining.


Fortunately, when experimenting with electricity, scientists discovered that by passing a current through water, they made two gases in proportion to the chemical formula for water: H2O. That little fact was not important at the time, but now it is critical for the production of green hydrogen, using equipment called electrolyzers.










We can store electricity in batteries and by converting water into hydrogen gas. If we can arrange for the energy we have stored to be in the right place and the right time, we will have an effective distribution system to make the world a better place to live, and to help change our climate back so that we stand some kind of chance of restoring our ice caps. Let's do it for the seals and bears, and the whales that meet to feed in cooler waters.








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