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BETTER PLACE - were too far ahead of their time with the EV service station above. This advanced unit could exchange battery cartridges in minutes, rather than use plug in charging, but could not cater for hydrogen vehicles or offer load levelling for national grids as with the SmartNet™ system we are hoping to develop, as our contribution to sustainable cities and rural communities. In June 2021 the SmartNet™ system is just a 1:20 scale model, looking to be developed into a working prototype, but there is a lot of feasibility R&D to go before then. It takes roughly 30 years before an vision becomes a reality in our present slo-mo policies. We wonder if climate change might speed up the technological pace, as though we were on a war footing.







Imagine a city free of clogging diesel particulates, carbon monoxide and CO2 greenhouse gases. Where it is safe to conduct business without the worry of developing lung cancer, or asthma, and it is a great place to bring up your children.


The quickest way to make this happen is to electrify transport, to get rid of those choking buses, diesel vans and trucks that are killing us as surely as standing a good portion of the population up against a wall and shooting them. Only, that might be kinder, because cancer is no way to go, as millions of smokers can attest to posthumously via the legacy statistics.


Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of both men and women in the U.S. When you think of risk factors for lung cancer, what comes to mind?

Most of us think about the risk associated with smoking cigarettes, but did you know that air pollution can also cause lung cancer?






DEATH IN A PAPER STICK - The Marlboro Man character - used from 1954 to 1999 in magazine, television and billboard adverts - was portrayed in a natural setting with only a cigarette. It was initially conceived by Leo Burnett as a way to popularize filtered cigarettes, which at the time were considered a feminine commodity.


Other ex-faces of the tobacco brand include David Millar, who died of emphysema in 1987, and David McLean, who died of lung cancer in 1995. Another who pushed the product, Wayne McLaren, died before his 52nd birthday in 1992 and Dick Hammer - passed away from lung cancer in 1999, aged 69.


Eric Lawson who played the iconic cigarette-puffing cowboy during the late 1970s passed away aged 72 from respiratory failure. The Marlboro Man was scrapped in the late Nineties, when state governments banned the use of humans or cartoons in U.S. tobacco advertisements. Winfield was born on July 30, 1929, in Little Kansas, Oklahoma.


Driving a petrol or diesel car, is like smoking cigarettes, you are putting yourself at risk as to lung cancer. Advertising the sale of fossil fuel cars, is much the same as Marlboro. They are advertising slow death, inviting you to join them in their coffins.




In 2013, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) confirmed that outdoor air pollution is a cause of cancer. Tiny dust-like particles just millionths of a metre wide, called ‘particulate matter’, make up a part of outdoor air pollution. The smallest particles known as PM10 and PM2.5 are linked to lung cancers caused by pollution. It is not fully understood how these particles can damage DNA in cells and cause cancer.






DEATH BY NOT DRIVING - The only difference between bus exhausts in towns and cities, and smoking cigarettes, is that you don't have to light up and stick anything in your mouth. Just walk about your town or city - that should do the trick. And don't forget to vote for the mayor who provided all those lovely fumes for you to breathe.


Other ways to speed up your demise, are to eat fish loaded with toxins after they have eaten micro plastics, and playing hopscotch in a minefield. All of these are man-made hazards, along with the nuclear bomb and radiation poisoning. Remember Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, and Fukushima.


What are we like!




Air pollution is a killer and the level of toxins can lead to several health conditions. Apart from severe respiratory conditions like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiovascular problems and hypertension, stroke, impaired mental health, anxiety, low birth weight babies, pre-term delivery and depression, air pollution can also be linked to cancer.

Pollutants in the air are absorbed into the circulatory system and pumped all around the body. They can also get deposited on soil, water, and other natural sources, increasing human exposure. In a recent meta-analysis, it was found that exposure to the main air pollutants is associated with increased mortality from all cancers. For instance, radon, which is a radioactive gas, that can accumulate indoors is one of the leading risk factors for lung cancer.




GO ELECTRIC - Join the clean air revolution. There is an abundance of clean, renewable wind and solar energy that can produce green hydrogen and electricity to charge vehicle batteries, but there is as yet no transport infrastructure to support rapid energy exchanges.





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